Gary McNair was raised by cubs which was difficult as they only met once a week after school. He is a theatre maker from Scotland- he likes you, you are his target audience- well done, you are great!


You can follow Gary’s infrequent Tweets at @thegarymcnair

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Square Go!

  You remember it. Of course you do. You’re in school- perhaps it’s the playground or the toilets. Perhaps it’s between two classes. You’ve just said or done the wrong thing; you’ve over stepped the line and pissed off the … Continue reading

Hooray For All Kinds Of Things

  How many stand up comedians does it take to reinstall faith into a countries political system? This is Jón Gnarr… He is the Mayor of Reykjavík, the capital City of Iceland. ‘Big deal’ you might say, ‘Iceland always has a mayor, … Continue reading

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