3rd Annual Champipunship!

Dear pun lovers everywhere,
I’m beyond excited to announce that the Champipunship is back!

Anyone who knows me knows that I love a pun. And if you know that then you will know that I love this event.
This evening of wordplay and highly competitive silliness originally started as a fundraiser to take Donald Robertson Is Not A Standup Comedian to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe but such was the popularity of the event, I am bringing back as a night in it’s own right. Also, I decided  to call the inaugural night the  First Annual Champipunship, thus subsequently trapping myself lifetime of these wether people wanted them or not!  A decision I will never regret.

The evening is simple. There are eight competitors who will be whittled down to two in a series of wordplay challenges including the wonderful picture and music rounds. I’m delighted to confirm that this year the music will, once again, be performed by our ridiculously talented house band The Pun Lovin’ Criminals who have brought you such classic mashups in the past as The Randy Newman League, Van Morrissey and James Taylor Swift.

The night can get heated, it will get tense, there will be laughs, there will be devastating groans and most importantly there will be plenty of opportunities for everyone  in the audience to get involved and prove once and for all just how good you are at puns.

Speaking of getting involved- if you fancy yourself as a potential Champipun, then make yourself known. Spaces are filling up but if you would like to compete, or  you know someone else who would, then please contact me@garymcnair.co.uk as I have reserved a couple of spaces for the launch.

So, spread the word around your street, office, uni, family, friends and why not bring someone from the EU to show you love them and you still care.

Tickets are available from the ABC website www.o2abcglasgow.co.uk

26th JULY
o2 ABC Glasgow