Locker Room Talk

I’m pure chuffed to announce that on February 17th and 18th there will be a work in Progress performance of a new show I’m working on called Locker Room Talk at the Traverse Theatre.

Some frequently asked questions I get that I will field right now:
Are you in it? No
Will it be funny? I cannot confirm or deny.
Can I bring my Gran? Of course, bring anyone you like.

It’s a quick response piece about the way that men talk about women and will be performed by a cast of four woman. I’m particularly pleased to be working with Artistic Director Orla O’Loughlin for the first time.

Being a Work In Progress it will hopefully be rough, ready and raw, opening up lots of exciting avenues for future development. There will be a post show discussion both nights for anybody that wants to hear a bit more about the process and offer feedback for moving forward. Oh, and tickets are super cheap.

For more info and how to get tickets click here.

It would be great to see you there if you can make it along. It would be even better if you brought a bag of Flumps to share.


P.S. please don’t eat Flumps during the performance unless you have removed them from the noisy plastic bag before hand. Thus sort of thing can annoy the other audience members (not because they can’t hear the show but just because they think ‘Dammit! Why didn’t I bring Flumps?). May I advise a an open jar of a soft, silent bag of your own making, possibly from kitchen roll and staples. Don’t say I’m not always thinking about your happiness. x