A shout out for punny women!


With the 4th annual championship around the corner, I’m currently on the search for our last few competitors to take us to a full roster of eight and I need your help.  As with in the previous 3 years we haven’t  had any shortage of men signing up, which is great, but this year I’d like to make a particular shout out to encourage any women out there who love puns to come and have a go.

It’s nothing against men, men are cool, some of my best friends are men, honest. I just really want the event to have a better gender balance. Not so I can create a men v women situation or anything crass like that but because it’s 2017 and me happily accepting that only men want to take part isn’t really good enough. Plus, women are funny as fuck, so it should make the event better.

So… this is where you can help me- let that person you know who is always improving your day with an irresistible and excellently timed pun that this event is happening on FRIDAY 29th SEPTEMBER and that they should get in touch with me through Facebook (/garymcnair), Twitter (@thegarymcnair) or on email (me@garymcnair.co.uk).