After The Cuts



It’s the future; just like now, but a bit more… well, shitey. Jim and Agnes have worked hard their whole lives and now Agnes needs a life-saving operation. With the NHS as we know it a thing of the past, they must take matters into their own hands in this darkly comic tale showing the lengths people go to for life and love.
A dark comedy produced by Raw Material, in association with the Beacon Arts Centre, directed by Beth Morton.

“Docherty and the wonderful Maureen Carr delivering pitch-perfect performances, this is a play that engraves itsef on the memory; preposterous, extreme, yet immensely moving, and – to our horror – strangely credible, too.”
**** The Scotsman 

After The Cuts is touring throughout 2019. More info to follow soon.

The playtext for After The Cuts has been published by Oberon and is available to buy here.