Locker Room Talk

Locker Room Talk is a provocative piece of event theatre. Inspired by Donald Trump’s leaked sexually aggressive comments, the show is a confronting exploration of the phenomenon the then presidential candidate later dismissed as ‘locker room banter’.

Comprised of honest conversations with men about women, the words of these men are performed by a cast of women in this verbatim piece.

Square Go

Max is a normal-ish kid in a normal-ish town. He spends his days daydreaming and hanging out with his weird wee pal Stevie Nimmo. But when Max is called for his first Square Go, a fight by the school gates, it’s his own demons he must wrestle with first.

Co-written with Kieran Hurley.


After The Cuts

It’s the future, which is just like now, but a bit more,well… shitey. Jim and Agnes have worked hard their whole lives and now Agnes needs a life-saving operation. But with the NHS as we know it now a thing of the past, they must take matters into their own hands in this darkly comic tale showing the lengths people go to for life and love.

McGonagall's Chronicles (Which Will Be Remembered For a Very Long Time)

I’m in love with a man from Dundee
Though he lived 100 years before me
He was a poet
He was aware of this
I think he was brilliant
But not everyone would agree 

His name was Sir William Topaz McGonagall.
His life I will now attempt to chronicle.

Letters to Morrissey

It’s 1997. You’re 11 and you’re lonely, sad and scared of doing anything that could cause you to be singled out by the hopeless, angry people in your hometown.

One day, a man appears on telly – mumbling, yet electrifying. He sings: “I am human and I need to be loved, just like everybody else does”. This guy gets it. You become obsessed with him. Later, when you need someone, you write to him. A lot.

It’s 2016, you find those letters and ask yourself: “Has the world changed, or have I changed”.


What are the odds of living an extraordinary life? The story of one boy’s granddad who won a fortune betting on the 1966 World Cup and, when diagnosed with cancer, gambled it all on living to see the year 2000. An intergenerational tale of what we live for and what we leave behind.

Donald Robertson Is Not A Standup Comedian

This award winning show from writer/performer Gary McNair  is in it’s fourth outing in the UK since it’s hugely successful premier at the Traverse Theatre in 2014. It’s a coming of age story that deconstructs the darker side of comedy, and sees McNair performing at his ‘brilliant best’ (Scotsman).

Born To Run

This critically acclaimed production sees one woman perform a one hour monologue whilst running the whole time on a treadmill.
Plans for touring this production are underway. If you have any enquiries please contact

Let The B*tch Burn

The world is falling apart.
Things aren’t as good as they used to be. Everything is going to shit.
Isn’t it?
Well, if you think that the world is out of control now, just think about what it will be like 20 years or so from now when the monied elites have nally come in to get us back on track to the way things should be.
That should sort everything out.
Unless you’re a woman, of course, then you’re really fucked.

More show info coming soon...