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A Gambler's Guide To Dying-
Trailer- Traverse, Edinburgh 2015

Trailer for A Gambler’s Guide To Dying from it’s premier at the Traverse in August 2015.

Created by Ben at Wake Up Advice.

This Year Christmas Can Get Tae...
From The War On Christmas

If I had a pound for every time someone told me to put out a christmas single… I’d have exactly one fucking pound. Nonetheless, here is a cheery little Christmas song for all of you who aren’t exactly feeling in the Christmas spirit this year. And even if you are, feel free to enjoy it anyway.

Created by
Gary McNair and Brian James
At the Arches
With help from Marcus Roche
Designed by Daniel Livingston
Recorded and edited by Richard Poet

Olympic Swimmers- Lyra

This is the official music video for the beautifully haunting Lyra by Glasgow band Olympic Swimmers.
Concept by Gary McNair and Chris Nelms
Directed by Chris Nelms
Designed by Daniel Livingston

Haight Ashbury- She's So Groovy '86

Official Music video for the chilled out vibes of She’s So Groovy ’86 by Glasgow band Haight Ashbury 
Conceived and directed by Gary Mcnair
Starring Brian James O’Sullivan